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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Employee Transport Management Software

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Employee Transport Management Software

For most companies, offering transportation has been an integral approach to attract and retain employees. What started as an office perk years ago has now become a key horizontal for higher employee engagement. And to make this an even smoother experience, companies are investing in robust employee transport management software.

An employee transport management software automates and streamlines end-to-end mobility. Thanks to its flexible features, it reduces manual work and offers cost-cutting for offices. And not just that. Employees benefit from quick scheduling, easier commute, and best safety measures. Safe to say, automated technology is the only answer to your commute-related woes.

But it is still a major investment that requires due diligence. Not to mention, the different options available in the market come packed with varying features. And you might end up asking yourself- Should you put your time and money into employee transport management software? If you are wondering which software is the right investment for you, here are seven key questions you should ask before making a choice.

1. How will the Employee Transport Management Software Serve You?

Whatever your transport goals and challenges are, employee transport management software is meant to address them accurately. Go beyond your desired features, and start by gauging what goals you are trying to achieve with this software.

  • Do you want to ensure seamless transport management
  • Are you looking to increase employee engagement?
  • Or are you looking to boost employee security?
  • Or is cost-saving your top priority?

In addition, consider the needs of your employees as well. For example, what are the major commute challenges your employees face every day? This will help you narrow your search for a sustainable solution and look for relevant features in your employee transportation management software.

2. Which Employee Transport Management Software Features are Critical to You?

The employee transport management software you invest in should be able to tackle all the challenges mentioned above and more. In this regard, look for features that are critical to your business challenges.

For instance, if poor route planning is affecting employee commutes, software with automated route planning can help ease the manual burden and reduce extra travel time. Besides, this will also help control costs. Or if miscommunication is a major concern, look for an employee transport management software that brings company communication to one place with a centralized dashboard.

Additionally, the end-to-end automated platform comes with other excellent features, which include-

  • Real-time tracking to manage the routes and navigate pick-up and drop-off points
  • Self-scheduling to help employees book rides quickly
  • Automated billing system
  • Team manager module to manage every aspect of employee commute
  • Unified communication portal
  • Analytical dashboard to monitor and control the performance of the system

3. Does the Employee Transport Management Software Offer Easy Set-up and Integration?

The ease of set-up and use is a critical factor that can affect your employee’s experience of using an employee transport management software. Do you have any existing systems in place to manage your transportation or communicate with the employees? If yes, you would want to choose software that easily integrates with your current systems. For instance, the ability to integrate the software with apps like Slack, Teams, or Google Calendar to ensure smooth communication and scheduling.

In addition, everyone should be able to use the software or app to view shifts, routes, pick-up and drop points, and request rides. To ensure an easy set-up, verify these aspects before buying the software-

  • Will it offer professional assistance for the set-up?
  • Do you need to invest in other external solutions to use employee transport management software?
  • How much time will it take to set up?
  • Will you need a dedicated team for the set-up?

4. How Long Will It Take to Implement the Employee Transport Management Software?

Successful deployment of any new office technology is a big concern for any manager. So, before investing in the software, it is vital to involve all the employees in the process. First, let your employees understand the various benefits the employee transport management software will offer to them. Next, prepare an implementation plan outlining how to configure and install the software and who will oversee the entire process. Finally, you can consider running pilot programs to test the system’s benefits.

Not only will this help the employees adopt the new system, but it will also ensure they can make the most of the software to make travel easier. 

5. Does the Software Ensure Employee Safety?

When it comes to office commutes, travelling by public transport or late at night raises safety concerns for most employees. Not to mention, manual route planning can often lead to errors or extra commute time, which further increases security concerns.

So, before buying an employee transport management software, verify the various security features it has to offer. For instance, it must have a central security dashboard and live tracking. For companies working odd-hour or night shifts, real-time GPS tracking will help boost employee safety. Further, the dashboard will offer timely location insights to ensure the vehicle doesn’t deviate from the planned route.

Besides, even in cases of divergence from the fixed route, the employee transport management software should alert the managers. An added SOS feature will also help employees commute to work more confidently.

6. What Transportation Metrics Do You Want to Track? 

A key aspect of buying employee transport management software includes tracking and analyzing data for better commute management. Consider if the software lets you track the key metrics critical to your transport management function.

Ideally, the employee transportation management software should offer reports on live tracking, location activity, driver profiles, employee bookings, safety features, maintenance, and more. This will help you spot gaps and identify the scope for improvement.

7. How will It Help Save Costs?

Finally, when looking for robust employee transport management software, consider how it will help you save costs in the long run. Typically, an effective system lets you save costs by-

  • Optimizing trips and routes
  • Reducing extra commute time by monitoring driver location in real-time
  • Offering automated billing feature to reduce billing errors
  • Reducing fuel wastage by eliminating wait time and optimal route planning
  • Offering timely reports for better cost management

Plus, you must consider the cost benefits in terms of the price and return on investment. The cost of the employee transport management software should meet your budget and give you full value for your money.

In Conclusion

Effective transport management starts by addressing employee concerns and business challenges. Start your search by asking these 7 questions to evaluate which employee transport management software is the right choice for you.

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