Meet Hrithik Choudhary, The Founder of Naxus Global & WSIM – Youngest Self-Made, Digital Entrepreneur


Hrithik Choudhary understands the value & importance of digital marketing in this digital world for careers & business also.

Hrithik Choudhary is very young and an icon for those who want to build their career in the fastest growing industry, digital marketing. He understood & started their digital marketing journey very early and passionately. After a lot of experience & working with various national & international clients, he founded a digital marketing company, “Naxusglobal” & a digital marketing institute, “WSIM – World School of Internet Marketing.

Naxusglobal is a digital marketing company which provides the best digital marketing services for businesses with guaranteed result assurance. Hrithik Choudhary & his field matter expert team work very hard and always provides much more than clients’ expectations and help businesses to grow with digital marketing.

WSIM is a digital marketing institute providing training to students & working professionals to build their career in digital marketing industry. He helped more than 500 members to build their career because they teach advanced digital marketing courses along with job interview preparation & placement support, freelancing approach & also digital marketing business setup with lifetime support. That is really incredible.

Hrithik Choudhary works for both of the organisations very hard, which will grow it into the largest digital business company in the world in the coming few years. His areas of expertise include work such as bringing Internet ideas and digital technologies that will lead to huge growth of his customers’ online presence to help them increase their brand awareness and value.

Hrithik Choudhary is just 18 years. During his studying period he gained enough knowledge of digital technologies & platforms that made him a expert in this field. He has helped many businesses to grow their business to the next level. That’s why companies love Naxusglobal for digital marketing. The entrepreneurial journey started by Hrithik Choudhary has come a long way from the average digital marketer to India’s leading digital marketer. Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. It has made business even more convenient with its worldwide reach & business owners can direct target to their potential customers with digital marketing. Hrithik Choudhary is making its presence felt in the digital industry with its skills and unique work module. He has turned his passion into a profession to create miracles in the digital world.

Hrithik Choudhary, through its digital company “Naxusglobal”, & Digital Marketing Institute “WSIM” has become the world’s youngest  digital entrepreneur with 6-figure revenue generator. He is from a lower middle class family background but turned this into a very good lifestyle only through his work style, mindset & dedication towards his work. He understands the value & impact of digital marketing. He also believes that one should always contribute to society, so that donations are made to the needy. He believes that one should always focus on one’s career first and the main thing is to invest in ourselves in terms of time & money, because anyone can build their great career only with a great skill set & mindset. And that’s the reason he is an icon for those who want to build their career in the digital marketing industry.


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