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Meet Thakur Prasad Bana the CEO and Founder of TPBInfoTech

Meet Thakur Prasad Bana the CEO and Founder of TPBInfoTech

Thakur Prasad Bana, born in 2001 in Dagana, Nagaur, Rajasthan, possesses an insatiable curiosity for the world and a profound interest in technology that has been evident since his early years. Throughout his Senior Secondary Education, his passion for blogging flourished, leading him to embark on this journey in 2017.

Thakur Prasad Bana successfully established a YouTube channel, which attracted approximately 5,000 subscribers. However, the channel encountered a setback when it was demonetized. Undeterred by this setback, Thakur Prasad Bana sought the assistance of knowledgeable friends who guided him in navigating the blogging realm. Despite the challenges of limited internet access near his home, he remained determined and dedicated, often travelling long distances to pursue his passion. With the support of his parents, Thakur Prasad Bana embarked on a journey of learning blogging while balancing his studies.

Although he diligently worked in the field of blogging, he did not generate income from it for three consecutive years. Nevertheless, this experience served as a significant motivator for him to venture into Google AdSense. Making this decision was not without its challenges, yet Thakur Prasad Bana approached it with unwavering determination. Within a short period, he grasped the fundamental concepts of Google AdSense and continuously honed his skills.

His earnings began in 2020, with his first payment from Google AdSense ranging between US$200 to US$300 for two AdSense accounts. During this time, he also worked as a reseller. Through his dedication to Google AdSense, he started earning approximately US$1000 per account, managing multiple Google AdSense accounts concurrently.

Boasting an impressive following of 70 to 100 million individuals, Thakur has skillfully harnessed these platforms to share his knowledge and engage with a wide audience. With an Monthly income ranging from INR 3,00,000 to 5,00,000, he has solidified his position as a highly successful figure in the digital marketing landscape.

Recognizing the inevitability of change and desiring financial stability, Thakur Prasad Bana wisely invests his savings in lucrative portfolios that promise favourable returns. His initial earnings enabled him to acquire a new mobile device, and as his circumstances evolved, he now possesses an iPhone and a MacBook.

Thakur Bana Prasad’s company, TPB INFOTECH, was founded by him in December 2021. He serves as the CEO, and the company is named after him, specialising in various digital solutions.

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 Currently pursuing his undergraduate studies, Thakur Prasad Bana actively engages in digital work while amassing a following of young individuals who admire his unwavering commitment to Google AdSense and Facebook advertising. He commands a Facebook community with around 50 million traffic and has expanded his digital presence by becoming a partner in Adx. Thakur Prasad Bana leads a contented and joyful life, earning the respect and admiration of his friends, peers, and admirers at an impressively tender age. Firmly believing in the proverb “Think big and become big,” he serves as a true role model.


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