Tanu Grover, a contemporary poetess and a novelist, was born on November 27, 1982 in the city of Jalandhar, Punjab, India. A genius in literature and a healer in nature, she has enchanted each and every man with her mesmerizing wit, wisdom and compassion. Her innocent heart is filled with love for all and sundry which is so vividly depicted in every action she takes and every word she utters. The language she uses in her works is not the language of a race or a nation, but it is the language of every heart. Her writings flow with intense emotions and a profound understanding of the reason behind every human action. She looks at the world with such a pure heart and soul that she instigates love for even the most heinous of characters in her works.

 An angel in her personal life, she reveals that she simply loves to love every person in her life, and that love is confined not only to a person’s positive traits but she also adores the flaws of her near and dear ones. She believes in the acceptance of both the good and the evil with an equivalent amount of affection as it is only love which motivates a man to make changes, and not wrath or fury. A beacon of light to many, she totally inspires her readers to rise higher in life and attain their goals even if they lose their battle once or many times. Her uplifting words have inspired readers all over the world and have always encouraged them to take massive positive action in order to attain their goals.

 The following ten poems from her assortment of lyrical compositions, ‘Pure Pleasure-The Poetry Treasure’ are her most widely-read and profusely-quoted poems.

1. From Hell To Heaven

2. I Am God, I Am Satan

3. Miracle In A Debacle

4. Oh Love, Thou Art Dearer To Me!

5. The True Soulmate

6. When You Are With Me, My Lord

7. What Dost Thou Want Before Thee Die?

8. All Shall Be Well

9. Pure Pleasure

10. When The Days Are Low

These iconic lyrics of incomparable beauty inspire each and every soul to believe forever in the beauty of love, hope and prayer. Tanu says that every man has both positive and negative traits but one must rise above one’s sins in order to be one with the holy Lord. She asserts that a man must always consider himself to be a hero who can slay each and every demon of his life and even other’s lives as well to bring success and prosperity around. She firmly believes that if a person does all the good he can, not only with his fellow men but with his own self too, God’s love can never leave him and that is all a man requires in order to live a contented life here on earth and beyond. So hold your heart and be ready to take the flight of your life into the realms of love and hope with Tanu by indulging in her most renowned poems.



Entangled I was, in a million webs;

Futile proved all my steps;

Insatiable desires haunted me;

Vices and sins distorted me!

My soul, stained with sloth and greed;

Yearned to beam, yet could not succeed;

My heart, harried with wrath and pride;

Heaved all the hells to my mind!

Stuck I was, beneath the earth;

For heinous flaws, a new birth!

Floods of fire and tempestuous winds;

Accursed empire, the death knell rings!

Monsters piercing apart my heart;

Serpents crawling on every part;

Fingers and toes, cut inch by inch;

No blood was bereft, not a pinch!

I screeched! I shrieked!

Yet ages passed, no joy peeped;

Lashed my tears with a whip of lead;

The horrendous horned demons, instead!

Turned me upside down;

And twisted my hands around;

Plucked my eyes and tweaked my tongue;

Into the gurgling lava, they flung!

I burnt, yet I burnt not, sigh!

I decayed, yet I decayed not, oh my!

Was I dead, or still alive?

The fiery flames, how could I survive?

Would this torment never end?

Perhaps my ways, I had mend!

Nothing shall suffice to the crimes I did!

To God, I begged, for a life to rebuild.

Weeping I was, one nasty night;

When I saw a gleaming light!

All tears, it wiped away!

All negativity, it took away!

Showered I was with grace of God

My withered soul, with love, He caught,

Blessing me with wisdom, He soared!

Though Satan in his Abode, roared!

Now seeds of gratitude grow in my heart;

A new journey, I shall start;

Of humility, peace and patience;

Of kindness, goodness and gentleness!

Flowers of forgiveness adorn my soul;

In Elysian Fields, I freely roll;

Joy and Love are dancing around;

The true treasure, I finally found!

Faith and Hope are cooing carols;

Now I’ll need not to change apparels;

Deserved I nothing, But God gave me all!

Finally, I realized, God never lets his children fall!



I am God, I am Satan!

In me lies Hell, in me lies Heaven;

In me lies nectar, in me lies poison;

I am God, I am Satan!

If thou be gentle to me,

Gentle I’ll be;

Yet if thou curse me,

Curse I’ll thee!

If thou mock my misery,

Mock I shall thee;

And forget that constantly,

God I could be!

Throwing thee in dungeon,

Rejoice I shall certain!

Pushing thou in fire,

Thy plight I shall worsen!

Goodness serves goodness;

Evil be evil’s confidant;

But should goodness be not such

That it bothers not evil much?

The demon that lies, the demon that kills;

His hand, wilt thou kiss?

Embrace the wicked, embrace his whims;

Thy goodness might cling to him!



Failed? So what? Need not thou worry!

Just be not still, hurry, oh hurry!

Fly! Fly on the wings of Hope;

Thy powers are beyond every scope.

Through thundering skies, there must be a way!

Debacles don’t always stay.

A hero, thou must be

And soar above the stormy sea.

Hold the reins of thy life

And kill the demons with thy knife

Release thy dreams from captivity

And brush off all negativity.

Become a magnet for success

And the greatest happiness.

Become a magnet for love

And miracles from above.

Attract all that thy heart admires!

Attain all that thy soul desires!

Oh no, never ever feed stress;

Thou shall surely attain success!

But search only for solutions

And ward away all confusions.

Emotionally upset or mentally exhausted;

Go after the things thou always wanted.

Delays and distractions, thou must repress;

Make a firm choice; a chance thou possess,

A chance to be effective

And a chance to be productive;

A chance to be diligent

And a chance to be persistent.

Mend and bend thy behavior;

For failure is naught failure;

But a mentor in disguise;

To make thou much wise.

Tame, tame thy mind.

Be always, always kind.

A heart full of venom

Wins life’s battles seldom.

A mind full of rage

Confines man to only a cage.

A soul full of gloom

Will never let thou bloom.

Call upon thy guardian angel;

Thy doting, doting darling angel.

He’s right there in thy heart,

Meeting him is not so hard.

He will surely be thy mate

To create a blissful, blissful Fate.

Ask him to bless thee!

Ask him to carry thee,

Through the dark, dreary alleys

And the dangerous death-valleys.

Uplifting your heart and soul

With hope, hope and hope.



Oh Love, thou art dearer to me!

I wonder why mortals run after money.

A man with love is richest,

But a man without love is dimmest.

A man with money is substantial,

But a man without money is affluent still;

If he owns the love of his dear ones,

And his laughter radiates like a thousand suns;

If he possesses the freedom to his will,

And his kind heart, no man can kill;

If he holds the bird of joy in his heart,

And in any event, his peace doesn’t depart;

If he enjoys helping the less fortunate ones,

And from his responsibilities, he never runs;

If he obtains the trust of his kith and kin,

And sows happiness- anytime, anywhere at his will;

If he has God’s hand over his head,

And lets no setback stop him from stepping ahead;

If he relishes work as a blessing, a boon;

And rejoices in the will of God soon;

If he detects magic in the natural world,

And finds solace in every meadow, mountain and bird;

If he nurtures his heart with hope

And thinks of this body as only a robe;

If he loves everyone and everything from his heart,

No negativity, no gloom can ever blacken his heart;

With the key of love, all skies shall shower gold

And man’s merriment shall become thousand fold;

For only love can fulfill the yearnings of a heart;

For only love can guide man to the happiness mart!



Through the ups and downs,

Through the joys and sorrows,

My child, I’ll pick you up

And carry you with love.

Be not afraid of the dark,

Be not afraid of the fire.

With force, spring through,

For my child, I’m with you!

Worry not for anything

Just pray! Pray for everything!

Give it all to me,

Your voice always reaches me!

Lay your burdens in my hand;

In misery, you don’t pant!

End the pain, end the tears!

Get rid of all your fears!

I’m your true soul mate,

I’m your forever friend,

I’ll always guide your way,

And drive your stress away.

My power and blessings

Will grow you through,

My love and grace

Will walk you through. 

Through the rocky road of Fate,

 And the earthquakes of human state,

As I’m your true soul mate!

 I’m your true, true soul mate!



Sorrows are not sorrows;

No worry I have for tomorrows;

From all fetters, I become free;

Poor grief can’t lay a finger on me;

My life is in complete accord,

When you are with me, my Lord!

Whenever I remember you,

Whenever I talk to you,

My heart fills with peace

And all my doubts decease,

No misery, no mess makes me fret

Rains of joy make me wet!

None is my enemy, none is my foe!

My life is filled with your love’s glow;

Your love is a wealth so great;

That create it can, a fabulous fate;

Praising you, Heavens kiss my feet;

Loving you, in everything I succeed!

Only songs of your love complete me;

In secret chambers of my heart, you meet me;

You love me, bless me and speak without end

Till my heart and soul feel fully content!

Thirst of my soul, hunger of my heart

By only your love, and love, depart!



O man, art thou under hypnosis?

Go, get a diagnosis!

Whiling away time

In the mid of thy prime;

Drifting apart from thy goal;

When wilt thou learn to control?

All the magical powers, so potent and true

 Lie within thy heart, but only if thee knew!

Only the right actions

Can carry thou to destinations

Of love, glory and luxury;

Of affection, affluence and ecstasy.

So seize the seconds,

And seize the hours!

Seize the days,

And seize the nights!

Now is the time! Now is the time!

To make the thorny, thorny climb.

What art thou good at?

Just think of only that.

Focus on what thou desire.

Keep feeding thy inner fire.

Be committed to thy work.

Forget all about thy comfort.

Ask thy heart,

Ask thy soul,

Where doth thy happiness lie?

Is this what thou want before thee die?

So? Art thou a merry, merry man?

No? Then change what thou can.

Leave thy fears far behind.

The path to success, thou must find.

Cull out thy every flaw.

A perfect plan, thou must draw.

Let mastery be thy thirst!

Let mastery be thy hunger!

Dart away from thy comfort zone.

Make thy way to realms unknown.

Act, act and only act

With attention, oh-so-rapt.

Be thy best version.

Shed the unnecessary burden.

Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!

Be prepared to make a sacrifice.

Have honorable intention

To attain pure perfection.

Find thy divine purpose.

Just don’t be nervous.

And soon, soon; man, thou wilt find;

This zealous state of mind

Pleases thou much more;

Also opens every door

To fortune, fame, success

And to health, wealth, progress.



‘How can I ever love again?

My heart has already been stolen!

How can I ever smile again?

My heart has already been broken!’

‘Time shall heal thy heart!

Time shall heal thy soul!

Have hope in the Holy One

And dance on the path of love!’

‘No more can I be tough.

This lifetime isn’t enough,

To prove my love to him,

To unite somehow with him.’

‘May patience nurture you,

Peace lies within you,

Smile for no reason

And forget his treason!’

‘How can I forget this lesion?

How can I forget his treason?

When I sacrificed my all for him,

When I effaced my all for him!’

‘Believe in the will of God!

Why, day and night, you sob?

Something better must be on the way,

Why don’t you laugh for just today?’

‘Laugh? Smile even I can’t!

Talk? Breathe even I can’t!

This pain won’t leave me ever,

Death would have been so much better!’

‘Life is so much more than a love lost!

Your joy, your peace, it should not cost.

Work towards your goals,

Work towards your dreams.’

‘He’s my peace and he’s my joy,

He’s my goal and he’s my dream!

Now you tell, what do I do?

Because true, I don’t have a clue.’

‘Go, talk to God, bare all

Or into hell, your soul may fall!

God knows what’s best for you!

Let this insight cure you!’



Why do you weep, my friend?

This is not the world’s end.

For you, gaiety God has spun

Get up! Go out and have fun!

Just open your eyes and miracles you shall see,

May your soul from sorrow, be free!

Our benevolent God has done it all,

Sown he has the seeds of bliss for all,

Believe in His love, He cares for you!

This wondrous world, He created for you!

Soul if your saddens, restore He will your joy,

Every creation of His is your toy!

Go, gambol with the birds of happiness,

Nature is soaked in playfulness.

With wonder, she will fill your heart!

Though you know not, you are her part;

Fulfill she will, your longing for belonging;

Nature is best, for relaxing and unwinding!

The forest calls you, can you hear?

The oceans too call you, my dear!

The earth wants to cradle you;

The sky yearns to soothe you.

To peace, your heart shall adhere

And all your joys shall reappear.

Darling, rise with the sun

And with God, always be one!

Go to the wise woods,

You will feel so good.

With rabbits, you may run;

Climbing trees would be fun!

If you locate a red-plumed swallow

Perched on a peony or a lilac-laden bough;

Go sit with it, and hum melodies

Or dance with the peacock; please, please!

Twist and turn with the babbling brooks

Your heart will be merrier than it looks!

Immerse yourself in the waterfalls

And answer all the sea’s calls!

Flutter in the flower-fields

And twinkle with wild, wild weeds.

Suck some sweet, savory honey

With buzzing bees in balmy breeze.

Roll with the perky, perky clouds

And swoop into the selfless seas;

Swim with the dolphins and guppies;

Also play with the tall trees;

Imbibe the beauty of the moon;

Your heart shall surely swoon!

Go, my darling, pamper yourself!

Please your heart, and please your senses!

Pure pleasure awaits you!

Nature has it all for you!

God made it all for you!

O darling, pure pleasure awaits you!



When the days are low

And the nights are dark;

When strong winds blow

And leave their mark;

When the road is rough

And to believe is tough;

Just delve down deep

Into your heart;

Oh! Let your faith,

Not depart.

Detect your shimmering spark.

Hear! Sweet songs of the lark!

The songs of love

And the songs of hope;

The songs of devotion

And the songs of adoration;

The songs of compassion

And the songs of affection;

The songs of gallantry

And the songs of chivalry.

For God is your savior,

For God is your liberator!

With God, rises the sun in your life;

Without God, life would turn into strife.

Trust, trust The Holy One

And have only fun,

In all his ways and wonts;

Even if your plans get postponed.

Have hope in God’s designs,

For definitely, he’s divine!

Hope, hope with all your mind!

Hope, hope with all your being!

For Hope is a knight

In dazzling armor,

Indeed, a bewitching,

Bewitching charmer!

With hope, man can do bewitchery

And cast away all misery.

With hope, lie triumph and victory

And life becomes benedictory.

So hope, hope ye all!

Hope with all your heart!

Hope with all your soul!

For an Elysium so elegant

Where no mortal is arrogant

For a Heaven on earth

Where each heart is drenched in mirth.

And every second, hope takes rebirth!


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