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Director Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh: The Life Journey

Director Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh: The Life Journey

The lines from the poem “Let your mind go and let yourself dream,
Then set a goal for yourself along that theme.” resonates with a person. That person is film director Altaf Dadasaheb Sheikh. Altaf Shaikh’s childhood was spent in poverty. But at this young age, their brilliance started to appear. He wrote Essays in exams while in school. In it he wrote an essay on “My Dream”.

While checking the paper, the teacher read it and directly called his father. He was also surprised with the teachers. Because in it, Altaf wrote that he wanted to be a film writer and director when he grew up. The surprising thing about this was that in rural areas, where films are seen as pure entertainment, What will be the career in it? Can’t even imagine this. The teachers and father made him understand that, this was an illusion and that he had no place in the Film Industry. And we are not that rich. But the boy told both the teacher and the father, no. One day I will really go to the Film Industry! It was like Bhishma’s promise. But the teacher and father ignored it as a childhood dream. But Altaf was determined. In his own words, “It doesn’t take money to dream, but it does take infinite determination.” Which was abundant in him. Altaf Sheikh came to Pune to find work due to extreme poverty at home. He was working as hard as he could, Spending days taking shelter wherever possible. But the infinite determination in his mind was disturbing him.

During this period he used to write stories for films. His life experience was enriching while constantly innovating. In this journey they got a direction. Father had a tailoring business. That experience came in handy. Studied fashion designing in Pune. Started his own small business. It is said, “Bhagwan ke ghar deir hai, par andher nahin!” It happened as well. Altaf Sheikh was offered the job of sewing clothes for artists. They accepted him with a smile and sewed the clothes almost for free. The work increased. On this occasion, he started travel to Mumbai. Started getting in touch with the famous personalities of the Film Industry. He showed his stories to many people. And the directors bought it. Not only that, but the film became a super hit. But Altaf Shaikh’s name never came up. He felt regret for this. He made up his mind to make a film himself without selling his story to anyone. And his dream came true.

In 2018, the movie Veda BF written and directed by Altaf Sheikh became a super hit. It collects Rs. 115,045,790 Box office collection. This film set a High range book of world record, Bravo book of world record. Also won state and national awards. His infinite determination was fulfilled. His Betuka, Lori is Hindi while Dharavi Katta, Come on Vishnu is on track for multilingual release. Now this journey is taking a more extreme direction.


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