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Great achiever of the year Abrar Tikki

Great achiever of the year Abrar Tikki

Muhammad Abrar Tikki  (Son of Abdul Gaffar Tikki and Zarina Tikki) born and grew up in Ner Persopant. Abrar Tikki  Won “National Pride Award” recently because of his victories in all the competitions which held on every Level be it District level, State level, National level and International Level in just one year (2021).He emerged out as a winner in all those performance and received so many awards, prize money, accolades and above all the appreciations from all and now he bagged “National Pride Award” too due to these achievements.

Abrar Tikki has achieved a rare feat as he is among the very few people who won all those competition in one year. His these achievements have caught the attention of the many people and his appreciation worthy work got him “National Pride Award” and several other achievements too along recognition. He nailed all the performances with utmost regards right from Speech Competition at District level to Science Exhibition Competition at International Level and State level to Arts and craft Competition at National level along with Reel competition where he showed his stylish side, Drama or storytelling he done it all and proved his versatility with each passing performance.

District Level Competition:-

After winning so many competition at school level and Intercollegiate level Abrar Tikki decide to participate in “Speech competition” which was organised at  “District level.

He  performed here  with so much confidence which workout really well in his favour. This performance got him great reviews from “AUCTA” (Amravati University Chemistry Teacher Association) he also achieved cash prize for this performance too in the month of March 2021 when AUCTA organised “One Day Science Motivational Workshop” on 4th march 2021. This was his debut performance since then he never look back and keep growing even after two years of this performance he has the same passion till today.

State Level competition:-

It was definitely a performance of substance here all the participants have to make a scientific models and then they have had to  explain the working of their respective models.

Abrar defeats around 80 participants here again in “Science Model Making and Science Exhibition competition” which was conducted at State Level by “Phulsing Naik Mahavidyalaya of Pusad” also in the same month of March 2021. In this competition he made vaccum cleaner out of plastic bottle and he explained the working of vaccum cleaner.

National Level Competition:-

He won “National Level Competition” not just once but thrice..twice in 2021 in same “Talent Search Show” for “Speech Competition category ” and another for “Instagram reel category “. Then he won “National Level Competition” again recently in June  2023 where he made flour mill (aata chakki) out of cardboard which grinds wheat and convert them into flour.. strange isn’t it.. anyway He is Abrar Tikki he can do anything, He can make vaccum cleaner from plastic bottle, he can make flour mill from Card board and he use cylinder for work out ( I check one of his insta reel , in which he was using cylinder for workout.)

International Level Competition:-

This was his mega competition till date  because in this competition there were more than 3600 participants from every corner of the world but he never got overshadowed by them Abrar Tikki made his presence felt in this competition too and got “14th rank among 3600 participants.”

So basically he won “District Level Competition” once “State Level Competition” once “National Level Competition” thrice (twice in 2021 and once in 2023) and “International Level Competition” once. And all this competitions he won in one year (2021).

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