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India in a New World Order: Embracing Opportunities and Challenges by (IIW)

India in a New World Order: Embracing Opportunities and Challenges by (IIW)

Inspiring Indian Women(IIW) UK, a women’s group, has made history by organizing a groundbreaking virtual event on geopolitics titled “India in a New World Order.” This event marks a significant milestone as women step out of their comfort zones and actively engage in geopolitics. The event’s ideator and executor, Rajni Shah, along with the support of Rashmi Mishra, the CEO of IIW, has showcased the changing landscape of India.

The event has garnered attention due to its unique focus on the participation of women in shaping India’s destiny. Scheduled at July 17th, the event was commenced at 4:00 pm BST (8:30 PM IST). It’s feature esteemed speakers who possess extensive expertise in various domains relevant to international relations and geopolitics. The lineup of distinguished speakers includes:

Shri Pamarty Venkatramana – Advocate, Supreme Court: Renowned for his role in fostering international relations, he serves as an advisor and international influencer for various NRI bodies.

Col. Rajive Chauhan – Distinguished Soldier Patriot: With over 37 years of service, including deployments in countering insurgencies in J&K, Tripura, Assam, and more, he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Dr. Harsha Bhargavi – Assistant Director, Public Relations: Currently on deputation in the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Dr. Bhargavi contributes invaluable insights into the geopolitical landscape.

Shri Vijay Rana – Former BBC Editor, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Author, Political Analyst: Known for his exceptional work in journalism and political analysis, Mr. Rana brings a comprehensive understanding of global affairs.

Dr. Ankit Shah – Influencer, Political Analyst, Geo Economist, Company Secretary, CA: As a renowned figure in the realm of geopolitics, Dr. Shah’s multifaceted expertise provides a unique perspective.

Dr. Manjari Singh – Assistant Professor at Amity Institute of International Studies: With her academic background and specialization in international studies, Dr. Singh offers valuable insights into India’s position in the new world order.

Shri Umesh Agarwal – Blogger, Political Analyst, Founder of IndiaChronicle.in: Mr. Agarwal’s profound knowledge and extensive writing experience contribute to his role as a respected commentator on global affairs.

The event hosted by Rajni Shah, an educator and social activist known for her thought-provoking YouTube channel, “India in my heart,” which covers socially relevant topics.

Join us in this enlightening virtual event as we explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for India in the new world order. The event promises to be a platform for meaningful discussions and insights from esteemed experts in geopolitics.

About Inspiring Indian Women UK: Inspiring Indian Women UK is a women’s group dedicated to empowering and inspiring Indian women (IIW) residing in the United Kingdom. Through various initiatives, the organization aims to provide a platform for women to showcase their skills, knowledge, and contributions to society.


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