Inspiring Indian Women UK addressed a very delicate subject of Dhara Shah parted from Ariha,her daughter


Inspiring Indian Women UK, under the leadership of CEO Rashmi Mishra and Deputy Director Rajni Shah, solidified its commitment to advocating for women’s rights and social justice through a powerful event that addressed the heart-wrenching story of Dhara Shah. The event, which took place recently, brought together a panel of esteemed speakers to shed light on Dhara Shah’s struggle, as her daughter was taken away by the German government.

Rashmi Mishra, the CEO of Inspiring Indian Women UK, has been at the forefront of championing the rights of women and creating a platform for their voices to be heard. Under her leadership, the organization has been dedicated to addressing pressing issues affecting Indian women in the UK and beyond.

Deputy Director Rajni Shah, a passionate advocate for social justice, has worked tirelessly to amplify the voices of women and bring attention to the challenges they face.

The event featured prominent individuals, including Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey, an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. Dr. Pandey’s legal expertise added a crucial layer of understanding regarding the complexities of cross-border legal disputes and provided valuable insights into the legal channels available for seeking justice in such matters.

Prayathna Kowitz, a disability and child rights activist, brought attention to the vulnerability of children in situations of injustice, emphasizing the need for a child-centric approach in addressing such cases. Her insights shed light on the importance of protecting the rights of children, especially those with special needs.

Swati Jain, a self-made social entrepreneur and influential figure on social media, shared her inspirational journey of resilience and empowerment, using her platform to drive positive social change. Her presence and unique perspective inspired the audience and encouraged individuals to take action in their own communities.

Inspiring Indian Women UK’s dedication to addressing the heart-wrenching matter of Dhara Shah’s daughter being taken away by the German government exemplifies the organization’s unwavering commitment to supporting women in their time of need and advocating for justice.

The event served as a powerful platform for raising awareness about the broader issues of women’s rights, child welfare, and the need for collective action in pursuing justice. It called upon attendees to stand in solidarity with Dhara Shah and support her in her quest for justice. It also emphasized the importance of community support and activism in amplifying the voices of women and families facing challenging circumstances.

Inspiring Indian Women UK, led by Rashmi Mishra and Rajni Shah, remains a driving force in empowering and advocating for the rights of women, demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of adversity. The organization’s recent event stands as a testament to its dedication to addressing pressing issues and amplifying the voices of those in need.


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