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Introducing : Mangal Ho by Dr. Bhavana Acharya

Introducing : Mangal Ho by Dr. Bhavana Acharya

“Mangal Ho” by Dr. Bhavana Acharya is a book that delves deep into the issues and values of our everyday lives, expressed in verse using the language of common speech. The wide range of themes has been divided into 15 parts such as ‘Seekh,’ ‘Rishte,’ ‘Vidya,’ and many more. The main attraction of this book lies in the unique manner in which the author conveys their emotions through ordinary language.

Within its pages, this book touches upon subjects that are significant to all of us – the art of living, exemplary conduct, interpersonal relationships, women’s respect, equality, and hard work. Each poem encapsulates a profound message within a few lines, compelling the reader to ponder deeply.

The author has skillfully crafted their poems, presenting emotions, sentiments, and thoughts with grace and beauty. Each poem resonates with the soul, offering a unique perspective on life and its intricacies.

While all the poems in the book are exceptional, those addressing themes like “Women’s Respect” and “Equality” are particularly inspiring. These poems promote the importance of women in society and shed light on the significance of equality.

“Mangal Ho” is a book that boosts one’s morale and encourages thoughtful contemplation of the essential aspects of our lives, all in the language of everyday communication.

Reading this poetry collection will provide you with a fresh perspective and perhaps even inspire positive changes in your lifestyle. This book should be considered a valuable addition to the library of all poetry enthusiasts and individuals interested in societal issues.


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