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Introducing: ‘Pehloo’ by Shailesh Vaishnav

Introducing: ‘Pehloo’ by Shailesh Vaishnav

In his latest collection of poems, “Pehloo”, the esteemed poet Shailesh Vaishnav delves into various facets of society, offering a unique endeavor to touch upon different dimensions. With a curious mind, the poet questions these dimensions, weaving their emotions and consciousness into a garland. The attempt of this collection is also to draw society’s attention towards the unspoken aspects of the society itself.

Written in the vernacular language of Hindi-Urdu, the common language of conversation, all the compositions strive to reach the reader’s heart. The poet aims not only to engage but to deeply resonate with the reader’s emotions.

Through this book, there is also an effort to support the families of those brave souls of India who have made the supreme sacrifice for the nation. From extracting thorns out of the garden of life to explaining that pain exists even for flowers, they just cannot express it silently, the poet beautifully captures the essence of sacrifice and the unsaid struggles.

Shailesh  Vaishnav’s “Pehloo” stands as a testament to the power of words to illuminate the unseen corners of society and to honour the sacrifices made for the nation. It’s a poignant journey that leaves a lasting impression on the reader’s soul, urging them to ponder upon the deeper meanings of life and society.


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