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Jana IDEAL Retail Pvt. Ltd. Comes In your city

Jana IDEAL Retail Pvt. Ltd. Comes In your city

Jana IDEAL PVT. LTD. (The Perfect Retail) is an Indian electronics retail chain based out of West Bengal. It is headquartered in Midnapore, West Bengal. Jana Ideal started as a small Home Appliances shop in East Midnapore by Mr. Susobhan Jana in Aug 2019. It’s now currently operating 2 stores in the regions of West Bengal Only.

Jana IDEAL is Pioneer in providing all types of Home appliances since 2019. The Company Steers ahead with the goal of providing Excellent quality Home appliances to their users. They Delivered thousand of home appliances to their customers till now of the Brands like LG, Samsung and many more.

Mr. Susobhan Jana was born in West Bengal Province, India in 1995. He done his high school from normal School and then started taking Practical MBA Knowledge from small Diplomas and after that He took Decision to Start Something own and Started small Jana IDEAL Shop and from his Immense Practical Knowledge He scaled his small Shop to Massive big showroom and Currently he is running 2 eye catchy Jana IDEAL Showrooms with his Great team.

Jana IDEAL corporate headquarter is based in West Bengal. It is headed by Mr. Susobhan Jana who is the Founder and Chairman of Jana IDEAL Retail PVT LTD and is Handled by his 24+ Team Members. They Not only Entertaining their Customers on their Stores they also setup their online portal where you can easily Buy your Needful home appliances from many Payment options with never resisting offer.

Online Portal – www.janaideal.com (Go and Grab running offer Now)

Now they are ready to fully flashed scale their Business in other states also by Providing Franchise Partner opportunity to the people who are passionate in Retail chain Business with Creative minds and with Good Investment also to fulfill their Customers Demands at every Ends with Great Offers. If you think that you are the Great fit for this Business opportunity then you can connect with the team Directly by Searching them on Google.

Currently they are Loving to Work with Brands Like – LG, Samsung, Oppo, Apple, mi, Boat, Noise, Dell, HP, Asus, Bajaj, Godrej, Whirlpool, Usha , JBL, Samsung, One plus, Symphony, Anker, Ambrane and many more.

Jana IDEAL was founded 2 years Back i.e. 2019 as a small Home appliances showroom. Jana IDEAL has since long evolved into one of India’s leading chain of retailers in Home Appliances From 2019, Jana Ideal expanded his 2 Showrooms in West Bengal only. Jana IDEAL has more than 5,000 Products to choose from and they are locating their upcoming Franchisee locations at prime Locations in all States so that their other States customers can also buying with the ease.

Mr. Susobhan Jana Currently approaching an Advertising Agency to make Strong online Presence of Jana IDEAL retail pvt. Ltd. And they are planning with some Creative minds in the market to spread Brand Awareness of their brand, so they are almost ready to launch their stores in almost all states of India with Wide range of Brands like Apple, LG, Samsung and many more its high time to Grab this opportunity and become Franchise Partner of India’s Biggest upcoming retail chain in home appliances.

For More Details

Website – www.janaideal.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/janaideal/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075805364831  

Mail – customercare@janaideal.com

Youtube –  https://youtube.com/@janaideal3400

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankit-jana-8406b5260/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/ideal_jana?t=jiTKhDYE6HhiywdFmdT0iA&s=08


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