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Keep your learning shoes Ready with “JITO SKILLATHON”

Keep your learning shoes Ready with “JITO SKILLATHON”

In the digital age, adopting new skills is not just an option but a necessity. As technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, Our ability to adopt and acquire new knowledge become the key to opening up infinite possibilities and flourishing in a constantly changing world. That’s Why JITO is going to start a unique learning event. In the fast-paced life where everyone is becoming limited to their work only.

This event is specially designed for children and youth where they will learn 108 different skills virtually. For which the celebrities of their respective field are being brought on the same platform Asha Bhosale, Ganesh Acharya, Dr.Jay Madan, Dolly Jain, Dr. Geetika Saluja, Dr.Rama Moodra, C.A.Pradeep Singhi, Vatsal Nahata, Dr. Roshan Jain, Yogita Sethi, Dr.Rishabh Lodha, Prof.Vasunddhara Pancha, Mehuli Kadar, etc. These are just a few names of the speakers.

The special thing is that you can get the guidance of 108 gurus for just Rs 108 that too sitting at home also you can learn many subjects like accounting, finance, health, agriculture, personal development, legal skill, entrepreneurship etc. It’s open to all, you can register by clicking on the link, and you can learn more than one skill. The association of 108 gurus for Rs 108 is probably a unique learning event in itself. Their expertise and insights will provide valuable knowledge and guidance to participants

Mr Aasit Shah vice chairman of Jito Centre of Excellence and Chief Coordinator of Jito Skillathon and his entire team have been working continuously for the last two months to make the best celebrities available on the platform. Another side Mr Rishabh Sawansukha chairman of Jito Centre of Excellence believes that this is a great opportunity for the youth where along with the best guidance. they will also be able to make good choices for their career in the future.




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