Home Brandspot O.P HEMANT: The man making his mark in the south music industry with his sound engineering skills

O.P HEMANT: The man making his mark in the south music industry with his sound engineering skills

O.P HEMANT: The man making his mark in the south music industry with his sound engineering skills

Who is the Mixing engineer?

“The mixing engineer is responsible for combining all of the different sonic elements of a recorded piece of music into a final version and balancing the distinct parts to achieve the desired effect.” “When a sound engineer is working on a recording, the responsibility doesnʼt end with the act of recording the performance. The sound engineer is then responsible for editing, mixing, and mastering the tracks so they present the best performance consistent with the artistʼs vision” 

O.P. Hemant was brought into the world in Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari had an interest in music since his youth, prior to coming into sound designing he was a performer. At 18 years old he finished school and finished his BSc in Sound Engineering in 2021, right now based out in Bangalore, in mid-2021 he began his own studio named “Hemant Sound Studios” situated in Banaswadi, the Bangalore-based sound engineering specialist denoting his setting in the south industry by displaying his ability and commitment in 4 Kannada motion pictures and scarcely any Tamil and Malayalam web series. Exceeding the free clan of performers he has finished in excess of 200 tasks in beyond two years and presently has a group to hold the equilibrium in video altering, VFX. “When a sound engineer specialist is chipping away at a recording, the obligation doesn’t end with the demonstration of recording the presentation. 

The sound engineer is then liable for altering, blending, and dominating the tracks so they present the best execution reliable with the craftsman’s vision”. The significant personalities of society don’t think that it is satisfying, guardians are not prepared to allow their kids to seek a lifelong in those areas, and progress in this sort of industry isn’t ensured. Other than ability and expertise, it requests numerous others, and karma assumes a significant part in the game. We have the account of O.P Hemant, a sound engineer based out of Bangalore who is currently doing ponders in the music business.

 O.P. Hemant, a full-time blending and sound engineer, has wandered into music since his youth. He fostered an extraordinary interest in music and appreciates paying attention to melodies, creating tunes, and singing them to his companions. His feeling about music and how he used to pay attention to a tune according to an alternate point of view transformed his leisure activity into an interest and established a longing and desire in Hemantʼs heart to seek after music as his profession. In the wake of dominating the nuts and bolts and required essentials, he began his vocation in music at an early age by filling in as an associate keep engineer for different studios This furnished him with knowledge and allowed him an opportunity to notice the business, how things go, and what kinds of gear are utilized.

In the later years, he chooses to begin a studio to offer the administrations at reasonable charges and help hopeful performers and playback vocalists to draw out their results in a productive manner at an efficient cost. This, thusly, helped numerous performers and specialists alter and organize music for their undertakings. After an extensive stretch of 4-5 years filling in as a meeting engineer and outsourcing for various performers, he chooses to move towards future undertakings. His advantage in innovation and the most recent devices impacted him to plan his studio so that it’s loaded up with cutting-edge hardware. Other than dealing with his studio and functioning as a sound designer, he likewise runs a Music label “Hemant Records” for music distribution and sound computerized dissemination benefits the artists that are currently in the race and the significant contenders.

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