Home Brandspot Revolutionizing Career Counseling: MINDTECH Recognized with India Excellence Award by Amrita Rao

Revolutionizing Career Counseling: MINDTECH Recognized with India Excellence Award by Amrita Rao

Revolutionizing Career Counseling: MINDTECH Recognized with India Excellence Award by Amrita Rao

Mr. Jimmy Amin, the visionary leader behind MINDTECH, is driving a big change in the world of career counseling with an innovative B2B startup that specializes in advancing Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT). This groundbreaking platform introduces a bunch of cutting-edge features, including DMIT business management solution which is putting MINDTECH at the front of reshaping how businesses approach career guidance. Mindtech International is also awarded as the Fastest Growing Company into DMIT and MidBrain sector under India Excellence Award presented by respected Amrita Rao.

MINDTECH’s Legacy:

Established in 2010, MINDTECH has created a big impact into the market, here are some impact which Mindtech has created:

  1. Over 10,000 Empowered Entrepreneurs
  2. Business Associates in 40+ Countries Worldwide
  3. Guided Over 1 Million individuals through the Same Platform
  4. Operating Since 2010 with Over 1 decade of DMIT Expertise.

Award-Winning Excellence:

MINDTECH’s relentless dedication to excellence has been recognized. The India Excellence Award, given by the respected Amrita Rao, stands as proof of MINDTECH’s fast growth, innovation, and meaningful impact on career counseling. Mr. Jimmy Amin, the visionary guiding MINDTECH, has been honored for his unmatched contributions to the field. This important award further confirms MINDTECH’s role as an industry leader, leading the way in reshaping career counseling through advanced technology and a strong commitment to client success.


MINDTECH has firmly established itself as a worldwide leader in the lively DMIT field. Its latest effort is another big step. The key to MINDTECH’s success is the DMIT business management solution – a dynamic tool that lets businesses tailor DMIT tests to fit what each client really needs.

MINDTECH’s whole collection of software options includes:

DMIT Customization Test Software: A flexible solution that lets businesses customize DMIT tests for each of their clients’ unique needs with their brand name.

DMIT Business Management Software: An all-inclusive solution that makes handling reports and interacting with customers a breeze.

DMIT Franchise Management Software: Makes running franchise operations easy for smooth expansion.

The MINDTECH Advantage:

MINDTECH doesn’t just offer software; it gives a range of benefits that really make it stand out:

Lifetime Technical Support: Clients get dedicated technical help throughout their time working together.

Lifetime Training Support: Resources are there to help clients learn the platform and make the most of it.

Lifetime After-Sales Support: Constant guidance ensures that clients stay successful in the long run.

Business Coach : MINDTECH empowers entrepreneurs to boost their profits significantly and become recognized names in their industry.

Empowering Community: Join a group of empowered entrepreneurs for mutual support and growth.

Pioneering Advantage: Mindtech International was the first one to become a shark into this business and by developing this software under the mindset of entrepreneurs who are wishing to take the Advantage of DMIT business according to their needs.

Mr. Jimmy Amin, the driving force behind MINDTECH, said, “Our goal is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to unlock their potential in the world of career counseling. We’re really proud to offer a full package of tools and support to help them succeed.”

Brand promise: We deliver what we commit.

For questions, please contact MINDTECH at +91 84609 97779 or +91 84601 66996. Learn more about MINDTECH by visiting their official website: www.mindtechindia.com.



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