Home Brandspot Sartha.in : Revolutionizing Mentorship, NEET Counselling, and College Information for Aspiring Medical Students – Founded by Jayesh Ghanchi

Sartha.in : Revolutionizing Mentorship, NEET Counselling, and College Information for Aspiring Medical Students – Founded by Jayesh Ghanchi

Sartha.in : Revolutionizing Mentorship, NEET Counselling, and College Information for Aspiring Medical Students – Founded by Jayesh Ghanchi

Sartha, an innovative platform founded by Jayesh Ghanchi, is making waves in the field of medical education by providing comprehensive mentorship, NEET counselling, and valuable college information to aspiring students. With a mission to empower and guide students towards their dreams, Sartha.in is redefining the way students navigate the challenging path of medical education.

A Visionary’s Journey:

Jayesh Ghanchi, hailing from the town of Bhinmal in Rajasthan, embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by his childhood dream of making a difference in the medical field. Despite facing initial challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jayesh remained determined. He cracked NEET-2022 on his third attempt with a remarkable score of 616 marks. He turned his setbacks into stepping stones, transforming his personal struggles into a catalyst to create a platform that would address the guidance gap faced by aspiring medical students. Jayesh, currently pursuing his first year of MBBS at NAMO Medical Education and Research Institute in Silvassa, manages both his college studies and the thriving startup.

Jayesh said that our name Sartha comes from Sarthi (Mahabharata ), Krishna was sarthi of Arjuna. We are modern Krishna of Education. With you, till the end…

Empowering Students through Sartha Mentorship:

Recognizing the significance of proper guidance and mentorship, Jayesh established Sartha Mentorship, a game-changing platform that connects students with experienced mentors from top AIIMS and Government medical colleges from across India. Sartha Mentorship offers customized and affordable mentorship plans, allowing students to access personalized guidance tailored to their unique needs. With a diverse team of over 40 mentors, Sartha Mentorship aims to provide holistic support to students at every step of their NEET medical journey.

 Transparent NEET Counselling and College Information:

Sartha.in goes beyond mentorship by offering transparent NEET counselaling and comprehensive college information. In an era filled with misleading information and high-priced counseling services, Sartha.in stands out as a reliable source for students. The platform provides accurate and unbiased insights into college options, including detailed reviews from senior students. Students can make well-informed decisions about their future, ensuring they choose the best college that aligns with their aspirations and goals.

 The Growth of Sartha.in:

Under Jayesh Ghanchi’s visionary leadership, Sartha.in has experienced rapid growth and garnered immense recognition in the medical education sector. The platform’s success is attributed to its student-centric approach and commitment to affordability. Sartha.in boasts a dedicated team of over 70+ employees, including 50+ MBBS students from esteemed institutions across India. The platform’s focus on fostering a supportive student community sets it apart, providing a space where students can share knowledge, clarify doubts, and uplift each other. Soyeb from IIIT Kurnool oversees the technical aspects of the platform. He is a first-year B.Tech student.

Shubham from ANM Medical College, Gaya, serves as the head of the Counseling division, while Bharat Rajpurohit from AIIMS Rishikesh leads the Mentorship section. Jayesh’s friends Bharat, Rahul, Ravi also support in his startup.

Company Future Visions

Sartha.in is currently focused on the NEET domain, providing comprehensive mentorship and guidance to aspiring medical students. However, we have ambitious plans to expand our services to cover a wide range of courses and domains in the future.We are focusing on the website for now, but we have plans to create a mobile application later on. Our vision includes establishing collaborations with prestigious institutions to offer students unparalleled opportunities and resources. Furthermore, we aspire to take Sartha.in global, extending our support and expertise to international students seeking quality education.They will also collab with Schools, So students can crack exam with his school. By embracing these goals, we aim to become a leading global platform that empowers students across various domains and facilitates their journey towards success.


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