Home Brandspot Will India witness a revolution in furniture fittings with Cervetti Italia?

Will India witness a revolution in furniture fittings with Cervetti Italia?

Will India witness a revolution in furniture fittings with Cervetti Italia?
Cervetti Italia

When it comes to interior furnishing and fittings, the trends come and go but only the classics remain recognizable. Cervetti Italia is one such legacy brand that is becoming everyone’s favorite in a fraction of a moment. You ask why?

Well, they are the suppliers of one of the best European furniture fittings that will change the face and functionality of your home. Starting from the restricted corners of the kitchen to expressive wardrobe finishings – there is no area untouched by Cervetti Italia.

The brand proudly boasts of its 25 years of experience in the industry which speaks for excellence in quality, mechanical systems, and design. While the inspiration for furniture fittings and accessories hail from Italian designs, the durability is built from scratch to make it last.

About the brand

Cervetti Italia is not just a brand that is synonymous with perfection in furniture fittings and accessories. It also stands for determination to transform the reality for homeowners and give them the convenience they deserve.

They set out to deliver a visual treat to the homeowners alongside maintaining the functionality and space utilization of the furniture. These furniture fittings and accessories are concealed, durable, and shifts the perspective from mundane accessories.

Be it a telescopic drawer channel or a lift-up system for the storage shelves –artistic perfection is engraved in every piece from Cervetti Italia. One of the biggest moves by the brand is inculcating the concepts of European heritage and adding unique details to every corner of your home.

By looking at all the amazing features the brand has to offer, it would safe to conclude that these accessories are no less than intricate craft. No wonder it offers 10 years of warranty without any hesitation and is loved by customers from different verticles.

More than 10 awards and certifications received by the brand

Don’t just believe in words, but also take a look at the illustrious awards the brand has received. In addition to ISO 14001 SGS certification, they have also received a green signal from UKAS quality management.

Additionally, to add the hallmark of quality the products have undergone a 72-hour salt spray test and 50000 cycle testing. Despite having premium quality, the materials used for manufacturing are eco-friendly in nature. As a result, they proudly showcase the Green Company certification for contributing to the betterment of the environment.  

As far as design awards are concerned, Cervetti Italia won the RedDot design award in 2013 and also bagged the product design award. Be it the Reach compliance certification or RoHS, and LGA quality certificate – they have never shied away from putting their products out there to take the international quality and compliance tests.

Wide range of furniture fittings and accessories from Cervetti Italia

More than adding value to the furniture and interior design ecosystem, Cervetti Italia is also trying to bring precision into the supply chain and distribution. With nearly thousands of products and mechanical systems, the range of products includes drawer systems, hinges, wardrobe accessories, lift-up systems, etc.

Additionally, there are more than 200 hinge series, drawer slides, and sliding systems to complement the storage units and shelves. Moreover, the wardrobe accessories, joinery fittings, and professional sliding systems are more than 300 in number.

The sole reason behind curating a wide range of furniture accessories is to deliver a one-stop solution for all types of needs. Currently, the brand is dealing with customers, retailers, and manufacturers through different channels.

The founder is seeing a huge expansion in the future not only in terms of business but in the design and innovation department as well. As much as they have the vision to grow, the brand is looking at its associates tightly bound to them during this journey.

Having said that, Cervetti Italia is already contributing to the business ecosystem by streamlining a reliable supply chain, offering competitive margins, and bringing the latest designs into the market.    

Embrace premium quality products with high-end technology

As already mentioned about the eco-friendliness of the product, the manufacturing unit of Cervetti Italia also utilizes recycled paper in multiple areas. When it comes to the quality of raw materials, they use only 100% high-grade steel in the process which incorporates endurance into the products.

There is no denying that every furniture fitting and accessory from Cervetti Italia is designed with intelligence to provide a wholesome experience to the end user. For instance, the sliding systems and hinges are curated in such a manner that it has a quietness to them. If it seems like an unnoticeable feature, you must try living in a home where every storage system shuts rapidly.

Additionally, the furniture fittings and accessories are technologically sound with their integrations. Starting from soft lift-up systems to bottle pull-out accessories – the functionality of each product is at par with excellence.

What is in store for the R&D department?

Research and innovation are the pillars of strength for Cervetti Italia. It is the continuous innovation and observation that led them to identify common problems like noisy furniture fittings and improper space utilization.

Additionally, there are more gaps that the brand is trying to fill than one can even think of. The cutting-edge design of the products and innovative mechanism helps them set a benchmark in the industry.

It is important to emphasize that the R&D team of the brand is rigorously working to improvise the regular furniture fittings and accessories for urban aesthetics. In addition to furnishing and giving the best to your home, they hold expertise in office furnishings as well.

One of the most commendable parts of the research and development team is that they consciously look into the details. Whether it is about improving the load capacity or making it easier for the user to organize their cutlery – every accessory is designed to better your lifestyle.  

The era of intelligent furniture accessories and fittings is here and Cervetti Italia is in it to rule the domain.    

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