Home Business APITxT is Bridging The Communication Gap Between Customer And Companies.

APITxT is Bridging The Communication Gap Between Customer And Companies.

APITxT is Bridging The Communication Gap Between Customer And Companies.

Social distancing is indeed Covid appropriate, yet in this time, unity is the key to survival! Confused? Well, one has grown up hearing ‘United we stand,’ and now is the time to prove, standing in solidarity against one enemy- Covid-19. Communication is now more essential than ever, given the fresh set of challenges.

Fast communication services are the need of the hour to stay connected to the consumer base as the ‘new-normal’ sets in. APITxT is present in every step of their way to optimize their experience while yielding the best results. According to Forbes, around 85% of companies have agreed that API integration has paved new ways of development, while 70% of them have already adopted such ways.

Regular alerts will help be in touch with the customer base along with staying relevant. Apart from that, transactional messaging services and various public organizations can use API services to reach the masses with alerts and accurate information, thus battling the dangerous disease of ‘infodemic’ (as WHO has deemed the misinformation and its rapid spread all around).

Various towns and their significant portions are still under lockdown. In these times, reassurance and constant communication is the most effective way to stay connected to customers.

The touch-less means of getting receipts and other things in the form of transactional SMS has been effective in restricting the spread of Covid-19 (through droplet transmission) and has further helped the goal of businesses go paperless globally.

Security is a huge concern, especially with the vast amount of data logged and stored. Security is taken extremely seriously at APITXT to provide the best communication API services. Around four out of every five organizations implement outsourcing of external API means, and only 19% report vulnerability.

APITXT has worked with over 15,300 + businesses globally. Public organizations, health services, or anyone in need are urged to reach out and let APITXT aid in their fight against Covid-19.

Website : https://apitxt.com Email: support@apitxt.com


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