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New Family Entertainment Short Film “Daldhokali” Released on YouTube

New Family Entertainment Short Film “Daldhokali” Released on YouTube

Hemal Jajal Productions has released a new Gujarati family entertainment short film titled “Daldhokali” on their official YouTube channel. Produced and starring Hemal Jajal, the film promises a delightful and heartwarming experience for viewers of all ages.

“Daldhokali” weaves the story of a son caught in the middle of a perpetual conflict between his wife and his mother. Both women are strong-willed and steadfast, refusing to find common ground, which places the son in a tricky situation. The film explores how he navigates these familial tensions and eventually finds a resolution.

Hemal Jajal, known for his versatility and engaging performances, leads the cast alongside talented actors Niharika Dave and Dolly Panchal. The film is written and directed by Nilesh Brahmbhatt, whose storytelling brings out the humor and warmth in the everyday struggles of family life.

The production boasts the expertise of Nayan Patel as the Director of Photography, capturing the essence of Gujarati culture and domestic life with precision. The music, composed by Kamlesh Vaidya from Aarohi Studio Ahmedabad, adds a soulful touch to the narrative. Editing and Digital Intermediate (DI) have been handled by Own Infinite Films, ensuring a polished and immersive viewing experience.

“Daldhokali” is now available for streaming on the Hemal Jajal Productions YouTube channel. Viewers are encouraged to watch the film with friends and family. If you enjoy the film, please like, share, and subscribe to the channel to support future productions. The team behind “Daldhokali” looks forward to your comments and feedback, which will motivate them to bring more quality content.

Cast & Credits:

  • Producer: Hemal Jajal
  • Written & Directed by: Nilesh Brahmbhatt
  • Starring: Hemal Jajal, Niharika Dave, Dolly Panchal
  • Director of Photography: Nayan Patel (Nayan Digital Ahmedabad)
  • Music: Kamlesh Vaidya (Aarohi Studio Ahmedabad)
  • Editing & DI: Own Infinite Films

Don’t miss out on this tasty cinematic treat that promises laughter, emotion, and a slice of life that many will find relatable. Enjoy “Daldhokali” and be part of the growing community of supporters for Gujarati short films.


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